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My nearly 4 month old and I really enjoyed our Baby Mindful session today. It was a lovely time to be with my baby and concentrate on just us. Amber provided a calm atmosphere whilst informing of us methods to help us relax and enjoy our little ones. I definitely recommend these sessions


Lovely relaxing class. Made me realise how important it is to take time out to be with just me and my baby.


Baby Mindful and Massage was very relaxing. Vicki was very pleasant. My baby really seemed to enjoy it, and I feel a class like this will definitely help us to form a strong bond. I'd recommend this to my friends!


After having to convince my child to just attend one class to see if she liked it before just dismissing it, she came out really happy, said she had made a new friend, and that it was the "best club" she had every attended! She can't wait for the next one and literally told me every part of the class and showed me how to do the massage they had learnt! Would recommend this class to everyone!


Very relaxing class for new mums. My little one was a bit more energetic than ideal but when he was tiny we would have really enjoyed the peaceful time rather than the more common energetic mummy fitness style classes!



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Baby Mindful Classes are coming!

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