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Baby & I thoroughly enjoyed our baby mindful session with Vicki, i cannot recommend her highly enough, she made us feel relaxed from the onset and was extremely professional and i look forward to more sessions in the near future. I loved how my baby needs came first, she needed changed, and i didn't feel under pressure, or rushed to get back to the session. I personally have suffered with PND, i found this class to be wonderful to bond and soothe my baby, my baby girl was so relaxed during the session, i have since used some of the techniques to help my baby sleep. Thanks again.


Wonderful relaxing and chill experience at baby mindful. Could sense my baby fully relaxing she would sink back into me as she relax with me. She had a long sleep than usual straight after the session. Felt she benefited as well as me to enjoying the moment away from life being so busy.


Very much enjoyed the class. Debbie made us feel very welcome and relaxed. Evie responded so well and enjoyed the calm atmosphere. Nice small group. Baby most important but mummy also had time to relax. Was nice, that could feed and change Evie at class. Highly recommend this class. Took some tips home. Will be doing massage with baby at home. Looking forward to be able to book further classes. Thanks again


I thought class was great. Nice and relaxed, lovely to meet other mummies and hopefully Findlay will continue to enjoy it


This was a lovely opportunity. It was so professionally coordinated but relaxed and chilled at the same time. Having that time to bond with your baby is so special. It was so nice to sit still and relax! It also allowed me to meet other first time mums and compare experiences.



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